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Adviser Testimony 1

I think the one things that stands out in my mind when looking back to the Academy is how interactive the advice weeks were. Although roleplaying is not something people are usually comfortable doing (especially me), it was fun roleplaying with colleagues and having to adapt to different scenarios. I learnt a lot from my colleagues and we all bounced off each other during the roleplays. The energy in the room was vibrant!

I am now looking forward to my 12 week post academy support with Heidi and very much looking forward to my future here at JM.

To my future colleagues, trust the process, follow the process and believe in yourself. You’ll smash it!

Adviser Testimony 2

I really enjoyed how interactive the sessions were. Neil made sure that everyone was involved at all times and gave everyone the opportunity to share thoughts. I have made friends that I can lean on throughout my career. If at any point I was concerned, Neil made sure that to explain further in a way to I could understand. I am so grateful to Neil and the team for sharing their expertise and supporting me at the start of my learning Journey.

Adviser Testimony 3

What I most enjoyed about the week was interacting with my peers and seeing everyone else’s techniques. I believe working with others is extremely beneficial, as you can learn new things from your peers that you may not have thought of yourself, which could make things flow better when you’re giving advice.